Amazing press on nails??

Have you ever tried press on nails? I do not mean the 5.00 ones at the pharmacy that melt off when you are doing the dishes, I’m talking about the newest craze of gorgeous press on nails! I am currently using the Nailhur brand which are fantastic. You can have a complete set of nails in less than 10 minutes and the best part is they are reusable. These nails have become my go to nails these days. I have worn a set for over a month! I have to add that I am very hard on my hands and nails and they do not budge. The box contains 24 nails, glue, small file/buffer and instructions. Select the right size, I usually file sides to fit well buff your nail gently and push back critical with the end of file, put glue on nail tip and press on to natural nail and hold for a 10 seconds. There are so many styles available from simple nude look to all out glam Swarovski covered nails, along with different shapes. Check them out and let me know what you think! Nailhur


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