Yes, I collect makeup

I admit it, it is a amazing problem. I do not collect shoes or figurines or any other common collectible item, I collect makeup. I get short of breath just talking about it that is how much I love makeup. Of course that includes any beauty related product, skincare, lotions, nail polish, you get the idea. I am assuming anyone reading this also has a huge fondness to beauty products and can relate, which is why I wanted to start a blog to begin with. I really love just talking about beauty, and I enjoy talking to likewise people. I love interacting with ladies in my age bracket and I also love the younger ladies, whatever age we all have this common factor. Anyone outside the beauty world would not comprehend this or the joy us makeup lovers get from stepping  into a Sephora, but it is nice to know there are so many beauty addicts out there and I am so happy I have been able to connect with many of you from around the globe. I look forward to sharing my collection photos and talking more.

My Chanel Glossimer collectionโค๏ธ


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