Gray away

I wanted to share a great product with all of you. Let me first say that this product was sent to me for review, however if I do not like a product I will not post about it. That said, let me tell you about this amazing product. Gray away is a root touch up product for anyone that needs to cover their grays between haircolrings.  If you are like me and usually have horrible roots before it is time for your next haircolor, then you really need to try this. I was very anxious to sample this as I have this problem every 3 1/2 weeks, it is not time for a full color but my roots are so bad I can’t even wear my hair up. So needless to say I could not wait to pop this product on my hair. Directions say apply to clean styled hair so I did just that. There are two formulas, a spray and a magnetic powder that comes with a powder puff applicator. I tried both, and had amazing results. This is one of those ” where have you been all these years” products that I am so excited to now have. Application was very simple, I did spray it straight on my scalp the first time, and that was not pretty, but I was able to blend it out easily. After I placed the gray away over all the roots that were up front and center I ran a wide tooth plastic comb through to blend. I will say some of the product transferred to my comb, so I will put my hair up or wash before putting my head on the pillow. I have to give this product the highest recomendation because it really does cover the grays and gives extra time between hair coloring.  


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