Beauty and the beach

It has been over a month since I posted, mostly because of being really busy with my kids but I missed the blogging world. I stay busy instablogging, but I felt like I was missing out on the other beauty sector. Since it is a long holiday weekend and most will be spending it outdoors and possibly at the beach, I figured a beach beauty post was in order. How many of you do some sort of beauty routine even for a beach day  ( my hand is up)? Skin care is a necessity for outdoor life for me and it starts with a clean slate and lots of sunscreen. I have been loving the Korres face sunscreen this year, smells so tropical and is not greasy at all. After sunscreen I usually go with a tinted moisturizer or luminizer stick just for a small amount of shimmer, and lastly for my face is a lip product. I usually put a zinc based product all over my lips and then follow with a nicer lip shine or lipstick. As for my hair, my go-to is Weleda Rosemary hair oil. I have been using this for years and just love it, rub into my hair and tie in a bun. Simple summer beauty ideas that I hope you enjoy, I would love to hear your favorite beach products. 


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