Make Up Store haul

  • When my daughter went to visit friends in Sweden this past month, I jumped at the opportunity to have her pick me up some goodies from the Make Up Store in Stockholm.  I don’t like my posts to be too long, so I am going to jump right in with my purchases. 
  • Instant perfection foundation: this foundation only came in 4 colors and I picked up the second lightest. I will admit I was drawn to the packaging, it is unlike any  foundation packaging I have ever seen. The foundation has a light to medium coverage and a slight matte finish.
  • Sculpt excellence foundation: Amazing, my first thought on this foundation. It is a full coverage foundation but very blendable. I picked up the color coconut which turned out to be perfect. Nice perk is the spatula applicator. I am not going to lie, the first time I applied this foundation I was a bit nervous, it has a greyish/greenish hue to it, do not let this scare you, It blends out perfectly, this has turned out to be one of my favorites when I am looking for full coverage. 
  • 12 shades of nude palette: I decided to go with the nude palette since I could not decide on colors, and you can never have too many nude shades! The palette contains a mix of both matte and shimmer shades in beige and pink tones all in the micro shadow formula. I love these shadows, they are a staple to any collection, I will note the shimmer formula is not very shimmery making them very wearable. The shadows give off a lot of fallout while swatching from the pan but not too bad while applying. I find it best using a brush to pack on the color them blend when it is on rather than making a dusty mess in the pallete. 
  • Smoothing Primer: I was most excited about this product as it is something so different. This is a primer in a powder formula! The Smoothing primer comes in a powder container with a screen sifter dispenser. Product will not be wasted as the cap has a block to cover the sifter when not using. The powder does what it says, smooths out the skin! I did a detailed application in a magnifying mirror and watched as this primer went on, it smoothed out my skin and filled in pores and imperfections and made a perfect canvas for foundation. It has a silicone feel to it and makes you feel like there is a layer of silk on your skin. I tried applying this with a fluffy powder brush and it did not work, it needs to be applied with a dense brush for better application. 
  • Loose powder in the color Milk. This is a finely milled powder in the same sifting jar. I wanted to try something for setting my concealer and this turned out to be great. 
  • Cover all concealer: the color I chose turned out to be a bit darker than I prefer for under my eye, but it am using it as a base layer concealer and the coverage is great. I have some complaints about the packaging. Since it has a screw on top, the neck of the container is long and thin making it difficult to use your finger, it is fine if using a concealer brush though
  • Eyedust in the color mist from the limited edition porcelain collection: I had to have something from this collection because the packaging is so beautiful. All of the packaging is beautiful IMO with thick square acrylic base and black caps, the porcelain collection has white caps with a Mediterranean looking tile design. The blue in the design is the exact color of the eyedust. I am not a big fan of loose shadows but I have used it and it and love the formula and color. 

I hope this wasn’t too long, but wanted to share these amazing  products. Please let me know if you use any products from the Make Up Store, I would love to hear your thoughts.  I definitely want to purchase more from this line. 


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