Roccoco Botanicals

  Roccoco Botanicals was created with natural ingredients to help with skin issues like acne, eczema, inflammatory issues, anti-aging and many other problem conditions. Since my skin is oily, as well as having occasional breakouts, large pores, dry areas, and fine lines ( I will leave the list at that), I figured it would be a great line to try. Let me start by saying that I was given these products to try and review, and before they were sent to me, the founder of the company asked me many details about my skin, as well as asked for photos of problem areas- talk about customer service! I received six products picked for me, along with a list of instructions, and I immediately went to work and discontinued all other skincare, using only these products. I am so excited to share this botanical skincare line with you! 
 Pore Cleansing Oil was the product that surprised me the most. After one pump of this cleanser I thought there was no way I would use it again. How could this cleanser that is so oily and thick actually clean my skin? I was certain I would have ten new pimples after trying it. Was I wrong! Not only did this remove every last drop off makeup including mascara, but it did not leave an oily residue at all. In fact, this oil cleanser is used for blackhead prone skin. 
Purifying Treatment Essence is a spray toner used to unblock pores and help as an anti inflammatory for the skin. 
Skin Brightening C Serum is used to even out the skin tone, and boy does this product work! I have hyper pigmentation on my cheeks and this product really lightened the areas up to 50%. 
Ceramide Boosteris instant hydration for dehydrated skin. Even though I am oily most of the time, my skin still gets very dehydrated at times. This product product really helped balance my skin. 

Reactive Skin Cream is my favorite product from the line, I love how silky this made my skin feel, as well as naturally restoring the skins’ collagen. 
Pomegranate Eye Balm works effectively to diminish the fine lines and dryness around the eye area. This is another product that I was skeptical about, but turned out to be so great. 
I used these products exclusively and I really saw a change in my skin, a decrease in pore size, less oil production and overall a smoother appearance.

 These products have become a staple in my skincare routine, and I can recommend them without reservation. And the best part- these products are personalized! 


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